Ironman New Zealand this Saturday!

Hi there

Well this coming Saturday marks my 20th Ironman New Zealand, hard to believe I have raced for that long and especially at one event but I couldn't imagine not training through a kiwi summer and getting ready for this amazing event. 

My first race in Auckland back in 1997 was a bit of a shocker. It was my first ever Ironman as a 26yr old and although I had a great swim things quickly changed on the bike with a bad back that kept going into spasm, I was lying on the road at one point with my back out of place only to get told to get off my arse and keep going by my wife. I finished 23rd and it was a big shock to Ironman racing. When the race moved to Taupo in 1999 I wanted to be on the start line again and give this Ironman racing another go, I finished 2nd by only 13seconds behind Tim Deboom a 2x Ironman world Champion! 

In 2001 I finally won my first Ironman New Zealand and it was a dream come true, I had watched the race as a teenager hoping to one day race in this incredible event and also dreamed of maybe winning it! To win it now 12 times is also quite amazing and again I'm lining up on Saturday to give it another crack as a 44yr old. As always you can watch the event unfold on from 6:45am NZT. I'll be in touch after the race to let you know how I did. Thanks again for your support. 

Cameron Brown

Here is a list of my Ironman New Zealand finishes throughout the years


1997 23rd

1999 2nd

2000 2nd

2001 1st

2002 1st

2003 1st

2004 1st

2005 1st 

2006 2nd(shortened to 90km, 21km run due to weather)

2007 1st

2008 1st

2009 1st

2010 1st 

2011 1st

2012 3rd(shortened to 2km,90, 21km due to weather)

2013 3rd

2014 2nd

2015 1st

2016 1st 

2017 2nd

Defending champions top seeds for IRONMAN - Times